Piercing by Artefact is an elevated in-store piercing & ear curation service offered via our Newcastle Store.
At your appointment you will choose from high quality handmade 14k piercing frontals to customise your curation. Our piercing staff will also advise on placement and styling based off your individual anatomy. 
You can view our piercing collection of threadless frontals here.
Please note: Artefact will not perform piercing services on those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Children are not permitted at piercing appointments - if you arrive with your child to your piercing service, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged the appropriate cancellation fee. This is due to strict health and safety reasons. 
Piercing service fees are as follows:
Earlobe: $30  Double earlobe: $50
Helix: $50  Double helix: $70
Forward helix: $50  Double forward helix: $70
Tragus: $50
Faux rook / flat: $50
Conch: $50  Double conch: $70
Nostril: $50  Double nostril: $80
Tapering 1 - 2 existing piercings: $30
Tapering 3 or more existing piercings: $50
Installation fee: $15





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