Solid Gold:

Solid gold retains its’ lustre very well over time. As we do not use any platings, vermeil or coatings on our gold adornments, your Artefact jewellery will keep its beauty, shine and colour for years to come. However, due to everyday wear, lotions, perfumes, sweat and oils from our skin, your solid gold jewellery may need a little TLC from time to time to restore that beautiful shine. 

We recommend polishing your solid gold pieces when required with a jewellery polishing cloth. We include a complimentary black polishing cloth with your adornments in their packaging, however you can purchase additional polishing cloths by reaching out to us at or visiting us in our Newcastle store. 

Solid gold, being a softer precious metal, has a tendency to scratch, or bend, so extra care should be taken when wearing and cleaning to maintain quality and appearance.

If you need to clean your gold Artefact pieces, using warm, sudsy water and a soft brush is all that is needed. A gentle dishwashing liquid is ideal and be sure to rinse well after brushing and dry completely using a soft cloth before wearing.

Avoid exposing gold jewellery to harsh perfumes, cosmetics, household bleach, chlorine or heated spas as it can cause discolouration and potential weakening of the jewellery.

Occasionally, due to the pH levels of our skin, solid gold jewellery can oxidise on the part of the adornment that goes through the ear; for example, the post on stud earrings or the threadless post of a piercing piece. This is unavoidable and not considered a product fault as it is dependent on person to person and is directly determined by one’s individual and unique anatomy. However, this oxidation can be polished off using a polishing cloth or the warm soapy water as described above. Any further questions regarding this, please reach out to us at

935 / 925 Sterling Silver:

Sterling silver that is regularly worn typically requires less care, so we strongly encourage you to wear your silver everyday. If your silver jewellery is looking a little dull and needs some shine restored, we recommend using a polishing cloth to gently do so. We include a complimentary black polishing cloth with your adornments in their packaging, however you can purchase additional polishing cloths by reaching out to us at or visiting us in our Newcastle store. 

Sterling silver oxidises heavily when exposed to salty air, chlorine, household chemicals and products containing sulphur. Therefore, we strongly advise to remove your silver jewellery when in heated spas, engaging in hydrotherapy, swimming in chlorinated pools or the ocean. Artefact 935 and 925 silver products are not considered faulty if they oxidise due to a customer's skin pH or other external factors such as bathing in chlorinated or chemically treated pools, saunas or hot spas, lotions and perfumes or exposing the jewellery to other chemicals.

    General Jewellery / Object Care:

    We at Artefact endeavour to use only quality precious metals and materials to create all pieces with exceptional craftsmanship; however, delicate chains and our finer jewellery pieces can break if pulled or snagged with force. Fine jewellery should be treated as such with care and mindfulness at all times. 

    We would recommend refraining from wearing your finer Artefact pieces when engaging in strenuous physical activity, sports or exercise, sleeping or doing household chores. Also, be mindful of little hands and paws when playing with small children or pets as they tend to get caught in our finer bracelets and chains.

    When you are not wearing your Artefact rings or earrings, we recommend storing them in a jewellery dish away from direct sunlight or in their original packaging provided. We recommend storing all chains and bracelets in the provided protective box or pouch, with clasps secured. If not in protective packaging, they should be stored laid flat or hung upright if possible to avoid tangling or knotting. When travelling, simply store your jewellery in the soft cloth bags we include with your packaging, or any jewellery roll, portable jewellery box or soft drawstring bag of your choice. 

    Leather goods:

    With proper care, your Artefact leather goods will last many years. You shouldn't need to add any additional protectants to our products. However, should you want to extend the life of the leather and have extra peace of mind, you can use a protective spray and/or natural leather conditioning cream when required. If your leather gets wet, let it dry at room temperature. If you need to clean your leather, simply spot clean with a slightly damp cloth and let air dry completely out of direct sunlight.

    In between wears, or when travelling, we recommend storing your Artefact leather goods in the soft cloth bag provided out of direct sunlight. Please avoid folding or crushing your leather products so they can retain their shape for years to come.

    Leather will soften and age over time, this is the beauty of genuine leather pieces. This is not considered a fault, but a natural and desired process. Any marks in the grain of the leather is also not considered a fault - no two leather products are the same as they are each made by hand from genuine animal hides.