If you have any questions regarding the following, please contact us at info@artefact-artefact.com
What materials do you use to make your piercing jewellery?
Our body jewellery is made exclusively from the following materials:
Titanium: 6Al-4V-Eli ASTM F-136 Implant Grade
14k yellow gold frontals
14k white gold frontals
18k white gold threadless posts
18k yellow gold threadless posts
The gold we use is sustainably sourced from Australian suppliers. We also use salt and pepper diamonds which are ethically sourced from the Kimberley region. Our gold is hypoallergenic and nickel free, being the perfect option for new piercings and sensitive ears. Our posts are available in either 18 carat solid yellow and white gold, or implant grade titanium, and are sourced from Anatometal and Neometal, leading and reputable brands of piercing jewellery worldwide.
What is the starting price of your piercing jewellery and is it including in the booking deposit?
Jewellery is not included in our booking deposit or service fees. Our frontals and posts are sold separately, starting from $89 per frontal, $149 for a solid gold post or $50 for an implant grade titanium post. Please note: for a new piercing, you will need to purchase both a frontal and a post. 
What does “gauge” mean?
This refers to the “thickness” or diameter of the shaft of the post. Our posts are all 16 gauge, or 1.2mm.
What are the backings like?
Our piercing jewellery has a post fixed to a round disc back. The post is what goes through your ear and the disc back is the “backing”. It is 3-4mm in diameter and very flat, smooth and comfortable. It also does not trap bacteria like conventional butterfly backings do.
What does the length of the post refer to?
This refers to the length, in millimetres, of the “shaft” of the post. We offer many lengths of posts, between 5mm - 12.7mm. Most initial piercings will be performed with an 8 or 9.5mm post - however, this is anatomy dependent and we will select the perfect post for your specific ear shape.
Why are your piercing studs thicker than usual earrings?
Cartilage piercings, and even earlobe piercings, should be performed with jewellery of a thicker gauge to aid healing. The body responds much better to and is more likely to accept a piercing with a larger gauge. It also creates greater stability in the ear and is less likely to result in migration of the piercing.
How does the jewellery work?
Our piercing jewellery is made specifically for cartilage and lobe piercings. They work “back to front” in comparison to standard earrings. This is for added security, to promote better healing and for comfort when sleeping. Our backings are flat, smooth and fixed to the post, and inserted into the back of the ear. The frontal has a pin attached which can be bent at a slight angle, inserted into the post at the front of the ear and held in place by tension. This style of jewellery is known as “THREADLESS” or “PUSH FIT”.
Does your piercing jewellery need to be fitted by a piercer?
We do recommend having your jewellery fitted in house by our professional piercer. They will ensure that the jewellery is correctly and securely inserted and can sterilise your pieces for added peace of mind. However, if you’re not local, please visit your local piercing studio. Feel free to reach out to us for any recommendations, we would love to assist as much as we can. 
By purchasing piercing jewellery from our online store, you agree to the following terms as a condition of sale:
- In the interests of health and safety, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for change of mind on piercing jewellery purchases. We need to ensure that our jewellery has not been biologically contaminated via body contact to adhere to and comply with NSW health regulations. As per these guidelines, we are unable to accept returns on items we cannot ensure with confidence that they have not been worn in a healing, establishing or healed piercing.
- In the intense that you believe your jewellery to be faulty, please contact us at info@artefact-artefact.com and we can review your pieces and offer an adequate solution. Any Items returned must be in their original sale condition (unworn and unused with all original packaging and labels) inclusive of our tamper-proof seal. 
We do not accept returns in the case of a purchasing error - ie: wrong length, gauge, appropriate material or style. We recommend visiting your local piercing studio and being sized for the jewellery you wish to purchase prior to ordering. Alternatively, if you are local to our Newcastle studio, please come in and have our piercing team assess and size you in person.
We strongly recommend purchasing your jewellery at the time of your appointment so we can size you correctly and advise on appropriate styles and sizing of frontals and posts as per your anatomy.
Should you choose to pre-purchase piercing jewellery prior to your appointment, it is your responsibility to bring your jewellery with the tamper-proof seal intact or we are unable to sterilise the jewellery and you will be required to purchase additional jewellery for your piercing service. 
If the jewellery you have pre purchased is not a suitable length, size or style for your chosen placement or curation we will not supply a replacement, nor will we refund, return or exchange as per our returns policy. Suitability of jewellery is determined by the size of the frontal, length of the post, as well as how the shape and style will compliment your anatomy - this is discretionary and will be different for every client’s unique anatomy, with the final decision lying with the Artefact piercing team. 
We have your healing and health as our number one priority and always wish to take care of our clients and give them the best service and opportunity for beautifully well healed piercings that compliment their unique anatomy rather than working against it.
We understand that sometimes you may wish to purchase jewellery as a gift for someone special or for yourself. However, we are not able to account for incorrect sizing, wrong length, gauge, appropriate material or style, etc for online purchases as this is the responsibility of the customer. Please check with your local piercer for your correct sizing.
If you are local to the Newcastle area, we recommend coming in to our Cooks Hill atelier to be sized correctly and advised on appropriate jewellery selection.
If the jewellery was fitted in house by our piercer, then we will offer a complimentary replacement for any lost jewellery within 30 days of insertion. However, if the jewellery was not inserted by us and lost or damaged as a result, we will not offer a free replacement piece - the replacement will be at the cost of the customer. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all components are kept securely fitted. Attachments can become loose with wear and tear; be sure to check your pins periodically. If you lose your jewellery outside of the 30 day timeframe, a free replacement will not be offered.
If your piercing jewellery is damaged within 30 days of purchase, we will offer a complimentary repair or replacement. If your jewellery is damaged within 1 year of purchase, we will offer a complimentary repair only. If outside of this timeframe, the repair will be at a cost to the client upon our inspection of the piece.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that should they wish to remove or re insert their jewellery that they attain specific and correct instruction on removal and insertion, or present to a piercing studio to have it removed or installed properly. Damaged jewellery or snapped pins from improper removal or insertion are not covered by our faulty jewellery policy but will be deemed a result of client wear and tear.
This policy does not cover any damage due to:
(a) postage
(b) storage
(c) improper use
(d) exposure to solvents or chemicals; including but not limited to chlorinated pools or heated spas, cosmetic or cosmeceutical treatments and applications, perfumed items, hair styling products and dyes, etc.
(e) failure to follow product instructions or to perform any preventive maintenance
(f) modifications
(g) unauthorised repair
(h) normal wear and tear
(i) external causes beyond our reasonable control