Permanent Lock Bracelet Warranty & T&C’s

  • We allow 30 days of warranty from date of delivery / pick up of your Permanent Lock Bracelet. Issues within this time frame are eligible for a repair or replacement on assessment. We are a company mindful of waste so if your item can be easily repaired we will offer this before a replacement.
  • Please note your warranty is only valid if you have your chain & lock, we will not replace and cannot assess or repair lost items.
  • Any issues outside of the warranty period will be case by case and need to be assessed by our jeweller for manufacturing faults or wear and tear. 
  • In the event your Permanent Lock Bracelet is deemed to have manufacturing faults, we will happily repair or replace. Please note we only cover manufacturing faults up to 6 months from date of purchase.
  • If issues are due to wear and tear, outside of the 30 day warranty period, we cannot cover your Permanent Lock Bracelet. They are delicate pieces of jewellery and need to be handled with care. We will know if the item has been compromised by snagging etc, but we understand that things happen, so we are happy to work with you on the most economical solution to fix and get your Permanent Lock Bracelet reattached if possible. 
  • Occasionally metals can oxidise. This is where the metal is exposed to a substance that creates a reaction turning the metal dark. This can happen when exposed to chlorine, moisturisers, perfumes and even our natural body oils to name a few. We will not cover any Permanent Lock Bracelets that have oxidised.
  • Please note you are liable for the items in your Permanent Lock Bracelet Kit, we will not cover broken or lost components. Please follow the instruction card carefully.
  • Please contact with any issues.