Baina Towels

"Designed to create ceremony in the daily bathing routine", Baina is a female-founded, Australian brand with ritual and enhanced experience at its centre.

The core values of Baina are similar to that of our own (and most of the brands we're obsessed with), they've taken an idea of everyday and crafted a product that is luxurious and promotes longevity.

You can find Baina here.

Also pictured here is our Crimped Necklace and Romantic Bangle in solid 935 silver.

Fluff Cosmetics

A favourite amongst our whole team, these lip oil and bronzer compacts are both refillable, so as well as being beautifully ornamental, you're making a good choice for the environment. Fluff is another female-led, Melbourne-based business that promotes good feels over good looks.

You can find Fluff here.

Also pictured are our Mache Hoops, Opulent Ring and Hardware Necklace in solid 935 silver.

F.Miller Skincare

Existing through an ethos of "essential and effortless; everything you need, and nothing you don’t", F.Miller Skincare offers a pared-back selection of botanically based products meticulously formulated for daily use. 

We have to admit, our bathroom vanity loved these products first, but now our skin loves them even more.

It is an honour to stock these products right here and in-store.

Also pictured is our Mache Bangle and Opulent Ring in solid gold.

Faum Candles

Made from beeswax that has been mindfully sourced from independent Australian bee farmers, these candles are hand-poured in Sydney adopting traditional candle-making methods and with zero additives.

With the multi-sensory experience of sculptural silhouettes and hand-feel, we definitely don't miss synthetic fragrances.

We are a proud stockist of Faum. Shop here.

Also pictured are Object 1 and Object 2 from our capsule collection. Both in solid 935 silver.

Tanchen Carrier

With a focus on products that are practical in function and beautifully tactile by design, Tanchen developed this 0/0 (a wine term, pronounced zero-zero) bag through a love of wine and it soon became a versatile carrier for all drink bottles and other groceries — although we can't speak from experience on the latter two.

You can find Tanchen stockists here.

Also pictured are our Large Organic Studs and Hardware Bracelet in solid gold.

Foile Skincare

Made in small batches in Australia, Foile produces high quality, genderless and multi-use products that are uncomplicated and (you'll notice a pattern here) highly aesthetic — the sculptural and coloured glass bottles are a gift in themselves.

You can find Foile here.

Also pictured is our Textured Band Ring and Romantic Bangle in solid gold.

Kester Black Lip Balm

Cruelty-free, vegan and carbon neutral are not just buzz words for this B Corp certified business, Kester Black is considered Australia's most ethical beauty brand. This little tube of watermelon goodness is an all-day, everyday cocktail for your lips.

You can find Kester Black here.

Also pictured are our Romantic Hoops, Textured Band Ring and Hardware Bracelet all in solid gold.