In Focus: Solid Gold

Solid gold jewellery is a beautiful investment that makes for enduring heirlooms to pass on. Each Artefact piece is meticulously hand crafted or cast from RJC-certified recycled Australian solid gold. Our brand’s ethos is to create objects of permanence that last a lifetime, and this is why we choose solid gold, rejecting wasteful products such as plated or vermeil jewellery that will not stand the test of time.


Solid Gold refers to precious metal alloys that contain 37.5% gold or more. The increments of the ratio of gold to other metals present in the alloy is referred to as the “carat”. These carats range from 9 through to 24 (24 carat having 99.9% gold present).

Plated jewellery is where a base metal, often sterling silver, steel, nickel or brass, is coated with a very fine layer of gold and then electrical currents are applied to fuse them. This gives a likeness to gold in appearance, however tends to have a more golden, warm toned and “yellowy” hue. This coating will fade in time, and your pieces will return to their original base metal colour.

Gold Vermeil refers to a specific type of gold plating which is of a higher quality. The gold plating is thicker (minimum 2 microns thick) and is normally bonded to sterling silver, rather than other cheaper metals. It is slightly longer lasting than plated, but as with all jewellery that is not solid gold, it has an expiry date and will eventually tarnish.

Gold Filled is a similar process to the above alternatives, but instead uses heat and pressure for longer periods of time to fuse the gold coating to the base metal. Once again, this process, while it is more durable than plating or vermeil, will still tarnish.


Longevity - Solid gold lasts a lifetime. The only maintenance needed for solid gold pieces is the occasional polish & clean to restore brightness and shine. Scratches can be buffed if necessary & pieces repaired, whereas this cannot be done with plated or gold filled jewellery.

Cost per wear - It’s no secret that solid gold jewellery is an investment and comes with a higher price tag. However, gold is a rare and precious commodity and will hold its value. Whereas plated jewellery will always fade, sometimes within weeks or months. Furthermore, a lot of plated jewellery on the market is actually not THAT much cheaper compared to its solid gold counterparts.

Hypoallergenic - Due to the nature of having a high content of precious metal present in the alloy, solid gold pieces tend to be much more suitable for those who have sensitivities. Plated jewellery often uses brass, nickel or steel as its base which causes irritation to sensitive skin. Solid gold will always be the best choice and will ensure your beautiful pieces can be worn without discomfort or reactions.

Tarnish resistant - No jewellery is truly waterproof and tarnish resistant unless it is solid gold and void of any platings or coatings, despite what they are being marketed as. ALL plated, vermeil or gold filled jewellery will fade in time. Investing in solid gold means you can wear your pieces everyday without worrying that they will lose their brilliance. 

Recyclable - Our solid gold pieces are made from RJC-Certified Australian recycled metal that has been refined in a closed loop cycle. Working with RJC-Certified gold means that there is no wastage and no “new” gold being used, resulting in a much more mindful product. Furthermore, solid gold pieces can be worn throughout generations and can last several years to lifetimes means that the jewellery won’t be thrown away once it has reached its expiry.

Will hold its value - Gold is the most valuable option, and in most cases actually increases in value over time which makes for a fantastic lifelong investment. It can be infinitely recycled, melted down and refined, meaning it can be forever changed and reworked into pieces that can then be handed down.

For sentimentality, sustainability, longevity, value and durability, you really can’t go past solid gold. We hope you take this into consideration for your future jewellery investments and treat yourself to a truly unique and handmade creation that you can enjoy for years to come.